St. Anthony and Holy Spirit Catholic Parishes


Parish Pastoral CouncilS

The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory group for the pastor. It seeks to foster parish unity, assess parish needs, develop parish programs, coordinate parish activities, encourage parish participation in spiritual and apostolic life, and provide a forum for parish dialogue.

The primary purpose of the Council is to accept responsibility, as a collaborative and consultative body, with the pastor for the life and mission of the Church in the parish. Areas that are addressed are education, evangelization, finance, liturgy, maintenance, pastoral care, outreach planning. For information, contact:

St. Anthony Parish Council

Becky Carvillano304 290-0970
304 363-8354
Brandon Dinger252
Mary Gregware

304 366-1373
304 918-8572
Mandy James304 367-0535
304 61-7167
Charley Mason304 363-3625
304 816-7169
Michael McHugh304
Mary Mlinarcik304 336-9584
304 657-4792
Allison Paton304
Alana Pazdric304
Romeo Bacalso847


Holy Spirit Parish Council

Justin Ammons304 
Danielle Boyles304 
Mike Burns304 694-1094  
Brian Evans302 
Debbie Prezioso304 
Greg Vandetta304 
Matt Vangilder304 
Amanda Welty304 
Joe Welty304 
Romeo Bacalso847