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Cantor.  An individual who leads the congregation in song at various points in the Mass. A cantor may sing, for example, the opening antiphon of the responsorial psalm between the first and second reading, invite the congregation to repeat it, and then sing the verses of the psalm and invite the congregation to repeat the antiphon between the verses. The cantor normally initiates the alleluia before the proclamation of the Gospel.

Music ministers.  The cantor, if there is one, is the primary music minister at any Mass in which there is music. Other singers or players of musical instruments used during the Mass are also music ministers. Virtually any Mass worthy of news coverage will involve some kind of music ministers. Ordinarily who they are or the roles they play in the liturgy are of no news importance. This may change if, for example, the Mass seeks to use its music ministry to highlight the church’s racial/ethnic diversity or to single out a particular ethnic or cultural group for recognition.

Choir.  If a distinctive group of liturgical leaders in music ministry consists of singers who not only lead the congregation in song but also sing hymns or other parts of the Mass alone without congregational participation (sometimes polyphonically), that group of music ministers is properly called a choir. Usually the term choir is associated in current Catholic culture with a group that sings at Mass a capella or with organ accompaniment and sings at least some parts of the Mass by itself, without congregational participation.

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