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Any bishop, priest or deacon is an ordinary minister of the Eucharist, qualified by ordination to administer Holy Communion to members of the congregation at any Mass. When this function is delegated to lay people because there are not enough ordained ministers to facilitate the distribution of Communion within a reasonable time, those lay people are called extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. The term extraordinary in this case does not carry the typical English meaning of highly unusual, as it occurs weekly in most U.S. parishes. Rather, it is a strictly canonical (canon law) reference to the fact that lay people do not have ordinary power (i.e., automatic legal authority in church law) to distribute Holy Communion. In a 2004 instruction, Redemptionis Sacramentum (The Sacrament of Redemption), the Vatican explicitly rejected use of special minister of the Eucharist for lay people exercising this function, insisting that the only proper term for them is extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. In news coverage, of course, there is ordinarily no reason to mention the distinction between ordinary and extraordinary among the ministers of the Eucharist; it rarely has news relevance unless it has become a source of controversy in a particular parish or diocese. Source


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